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Can I use an USB-stick for storage in a cRIO-9064?

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Hello everyone,


For a project I need to have more storage space on a cRIO. I'm currently looking at the cRIO-9064 with USB port.

Is it possible to connect a USB Mass Storage device this port and use it for file I/O?


ps. I'm aware of the c-modules that offer a sd-card slot, but my budget is not high enough for these.

pps. If you have some example code you can quicky past in your reply, that would be awesome.


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Thank you Smiley Happy 

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Accepted by topic author Freel

Hi Freel, this is possible with all RT targets that feature a USB device port. The USB stick will be mapped to the U drive of the RT target. The cRIO-9064 runs the Linux RT OS, so you will need to use the forward slash path notation. Please see this article for details:

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Thank you Smiley Very Happy

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