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Blackfin Examples


Does anyone have an example VI to communicate with the Blackfin through USB and send a digital 1 through a certain port?


Thanks in advance.

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Howdy Redseal,


I don't have any specific examples for you, but I can definitely point you to the VIs in LabVIEW that allow you to do USB communication.  Take a look at this KnowledgeBase Article on using USB with LabVIEW.  That document will walk you through configuring the USB instrument, in this case the Blackfin, to be recognized by the Windows PC and as a LabVIEW VISA resource, which is how you should communicate.  There are some great examples linked from there for other types of USB communication.


By the way, are you using LabVIEW Embedded for Blackfin or regular LabVIEW?  Thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you!


Chris G in AE
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Yes, I have seen that tutorial. I am not sure how it helps though. I CAN recognize the device. What I cannot do are items such controlling the SPI lines. I have no clue how to do this. And I do have the Embedded module trial version to see if it really makes things easier, but as of now, all I get are compile errors.
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I see that you're working with another one of our Applications Engineers on this thread.  I've made her aware of this post, so to consolidate everything please post all future correspondence to that link.  She is in contact with our R&D department and will address your latest question. 


Thanks, and in the future please limit your posts to one thread.  This helps us properly allocate resources as well as keep the question and solution in the same post together so other users can benefit from the work.  Have a great day!


Chris G in AE
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I am working on developing an user interface for transferring data between blackfin BF-527 processor and the computer(OS:Windows) using USB interface.

Can someone guide me on how to proceed with the same. Please.

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Since this is a very old thread, I recommend that you make a new post to address your issue on the Embedded mesage board. This way, it'll get more attention and helps keep the forums organized.



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Hi ulhasnagar


I see different ways do this, depending on your application needs.

There are examples available fom ADI for implementing bulk transfer on the USB.   I did taht once on a bf548 but this should work with the bf527 too. You interact from PC side via a dll with the driver.

There is a simpler solution using a uart to USB chip that provides a virtual COM POrt on the PC.




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Thank you.


I was able to send data bytes from the processor to the Labview end using NI- VISA.

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