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Basel USB camera on sbrio 9651

Hi all,


I read here, that some USB3.0-cameras by "Basel" are supported by some sbRIOs... (


Does anyone know whether these cameras do also work with the system on a module (sbrio 9651)?


And, by chance, can someone tell if this camera is also supported (



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Hi Joe,


It appears you are referencing the Basler cameras, rather than 'Basel'.  


With regards to support on sbRIO-9651, the SOM does support the same set of USB3 cameras that are compatible with the other CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO devices.  Specifically, the sbRIO-9651 Dev Kit includes a USB 2.0 host port that has been designed to support the USB3 power levels (900mA) needed to support the Basler USB3 cameras that are deemed backwards compatible with USB 2.0.  This is documented on appendix page A-2 of the Carrier Board design guide:


It is important to note that when you design your carrier board for the SOM, if you plan on supporting these USB3 cameras, you must also take the additional power draw into consideration and design the power supplies and USB current limiter to ensure adequate power is delivered to the camera.


Regarding your final question about the alternate Basler camera compatibility, unfortunately I'm not the Vision driver expert, so I'll have to defer that question to another resource.




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Thanks a lot for your answer, especially about the power supply.


Yes, I was refering to basler cameras... I recognized it myself, too late, unfortunately.



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