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Automatic reset of sbRIO-9626


We have an sbRIO-9626 mounted on a main board using the RMC connector.  Is there any way to have the sbRIO-9626 automatically reset itself if the SW hangs, like a watchdog functionality of sorts?  Or does this have to be handled externally on the main board using a device to trigger the SYS_RST# pin, e.g. if the SW doesn't toggle an IO pin on a regular interval?  Unfortunately, we do not currently have access to the SYS_RST# pin on the main board.  So I hope this can be handled internally on the sbRIO-9626. 🙂



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Hi ojohnsen79,


There are multiple ways to implement watchdog functionality with a RIO target, such as Single-Board RIO or CompactRIO.


There are dedicated watchdog functions in the RT pallets, with an overview of the RT watchdog capabilities in the LabVIEW Help.


In addition, there is a dedicated IO node in the FPGA target for System Reset.


Programmatically Resetting the CompactRIO or Single-Board RIO System (FPGA Interface)


This dedicated IO node can be used in a loop that is checking for responsiveness from the RT host processor.  In the event that the RT application becomes unresponsive, the FPGA can set IO values to a safe state and reset the system.  An example project for this type of application is also demonstrated on here:


FPGA Control on CompactRIO Sample Project Documentation



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