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Attaching an LTE modem to a cRio, protocols supported?

I want to connect an LTE modem module to an embedded cRio through a USB link.  I then want to have the modem connect to the cRio's operating system over USB.


Does the NI RTOS support PPP or MBIM?

Is it possible to add support for PPP or MBIM if it does not?

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There's nothing official but if there is a linux driver for the hardware you are going to be using then you can try installing the driver to the cRIO.  Which cRIO are you using?


Testing the initial connection and if it's working may be tricky without documentation, but you should install the driver through OPKG and then as long as there is documentation on the .so that can be called using a Call Library Function Node in LabVIEW (or C/C++ if using Eclipse/Visual Studio) they you should be fine.  It's basically a "should work but not technically supported" situation.  

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