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Accessing GPIO on a Atom based embedded computer board

We are running our Labview application on a Atom based embedded computer PCB (advantech PCM-9361FG). The board has a  8 bit GPIO available, which I understand is common on embedded computer systems. Can I access and make use of this GPIO within a Labview programme?


Labview version : 8.6.1

Operating System: XP


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I don't know in Atom, but when using Blackfin, in Blackfin pallete, you have a I/O sub-pallete with digital I/O!

Simply choose the port and number and the state true or false! Hope this helps.

Good Luck

António Veríssimo de Freitas
Universidade de Aveiro Student
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Hello Sylar,

As this is 3rd party hardware you shall need to install the devices API which will allow communication to your GPIO with the use of .dll files.

I have managed to find what I believe to be the latest API inteface available for this device.


Let me know if this helps.


Applications Engineer
National Instruments
UK Branch

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Hi Philip,


Thanks for your advice.

By installing the set of drivers for the Atom Board to which provide the API interface to the hardware, I have managed to access the GPIO via calling functions within the susi.dll.


There are many other interesting hardware features which can be controlled using calls to the susi.dll should I need to!  


Again thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



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Hi all,


i have to control GPIO on Advantech board, i've installed SUSI library but when importing dll in labview it cannot parse the header file REL_SUSI.H,


can you help me?Smiley Sad



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