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Reliable PCB Assembly Manufacturer!



I need your help please. I am newbie here and looking for a reliable PCB Assembly Manufacturer for one of my project. Do you know guys a good source where PCB Assembly Manufacturer available? Though someone had told me to try did anyone use this source yet?


Please let me know your reply. Thank you!

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Before, I tried WellPCB, good quality, and fast delivery.

I like to try different PCB manufacturers, such as allpcb, pcbway, pcbcart, 4pcb, now I want to try OurPCB.

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I have been using this China PCB house - 

I can get 10 boards, up to 100x100mm, for $4.9. Double sided, silk screened on one side, 1oz copper which is fine for me. I found some other PCB houses from China, but the difference is small. $10 shipping, and it takes about 10-12 days from order to my door.

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