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Which is suitable DAQ card or a Function Generator?

Dear forum members,


I want to observe a real time signal which is developed in MATLAB/ simulink environment.


I have developed a harmonically distorted sinusoidal 50 Hz signal with an amplitude of 100  V in simulation. The objective is achieved by superimposing harmonics on fundamental signal of 100 V with 50 Hz where harmonic component percentage is considered as per requirements.


Another consideration is that I have taken three test cases like sudden step change in fundamental frequency, amplitude and phase.


Now, my objective is to to get real time test results of these aforementioned cases and capture these waveform from oscilloscope.


Apart from this I want to feed these waveforms individually to my DSP board to test the performance of my algorithm in real time.


Please guide me for low cost solution from NI tools as my budget is low.




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