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Hello everyone
In my application, I want to continuously acquire data from 16 differential analog Input channels at 25KS/s/ch sampling rate and want to retain previous 15 min data So that whenever this is a trigger or User Input I can Save this 15 minutes data to any external Device like SD card.
From here what I can understand is for recording this 15 min data I have to initialize the FIFO with :
25000*16(16-bit ADC)*16(channels)=approximate 1 MB data every second
So, for 15 minutes, 1*60*15 = 900 MB of space I need to allocate to FIFO??

Am I on the right track upto this?
Also I want to know the Maximum amount of RT FIFO we can Initialize?

Any Kind of help or suggestions will be really appreciated...

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You should think of using a hard disk based circular buffer. As a starting point refer the NI tutorial in the link below.

Waiting For the inner calling 🙂

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