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LabWindows, split tdms file

I have an application which acquire the analog data from USB-6009 DAQ device and it logs to tdms file using DAQmX streaming functions like DAQmXConfigureLogging using LogAnd Read Flag. The file created is perfect and I could open the tdms file using the Excel Plug-in as well as our designed application. However, we want to split the large tdms file into two files.

We are using the TDMS functions to read the data values from the file. We understand that TDMS Logging using DAQmX library will store the data in raw binary format along with the scaling information. While retrieving the data using TDMS function, it will convert those binart data to double values, which is expected.

So, Creating a new TDMS file with TDMS_CreateFile function and Appending the values culled from original tdms files increasing the file size of this new file by four times which seems that AppendValues function store the data in double data instead of raw binary data.

We want you to throw some light on how to create a new tdms file using a sub set of data from another tdms file, while keeping the binary data storage along with scaling infromation to keep the footprint of file size minimum.


Nageswara Rao.


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I replied by mistake. Sorry.



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