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I've certified in CLAD Exam

Hi LabVIEW  E.N.A.B.L.E.D - The NI India Community followers,


                              1. I'm SABARI SARAVANAN M from EIE dept in 2013 passed out. I've certified in CLAD exam, & am looking for a Job oppertunities in labVIEW field.


                              2. Let me know is there any openings in BANGALORE location.


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hi Congratulations on you passing the exam >>I am ahmed from libya >> please If u know there in

Webcast Wednesday >>> labview

some epside missing  like 17,18,20,23,24 etc i did not find them please if u can help me i need them it is important even if u need money i am ready

my gmail

Best regrads

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Hi Ahmed,

             I don't have Webcast Wednesday files. i've only CLAD Study materials, if u want that materials, i can send to you.

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saravana i need those material for CLAD exam my mail id is sent me friend

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Sorry fot the delay in reply >> Thanks for replay Saravana_braveN please if u can send them to my email


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hi Saravana_braveN

if possible plz send CLAD Study materials to my email ID :

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Hope guys i sent that materials for everyone.

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Hi Saravanan,

I have seen quite number of people asked you to mail them CLAD study materials. sorry to disturb you more,could you send me those CLAD study materials to my mail id .

my mail id :

thanks in advance

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Hi jeevan,

                  Now you can check your mail, that would be received.

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Hi Saravanan,


could you send CLAD exam study material to my below mail id


Mail ID :


Thanks for your time and support



Muthukumar Gopal

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