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Does anyone knows about Zebra Printer?


      I am using Zebra ZT410 printer for barcode purpose and it has integrated with LabVIEW (with .prn file format).

     Is it possible can i use all alphabetic format in this printer (except zebra font)?

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Hi, you can use Zebra Designer to explore what is possible with your printer!

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Hi erwan.cossec,

Thanks for your revert. I got a solution with myself.

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Yes , I know about zebra printer and also work in more the 5 project

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Can you please provide the solution here. It will be help full for new users.



Sankar M

Happy to Wire
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First Create Label from Zebra Designer Utility. After that please Print that label into PRN format and save that prn file into computer .

Change the File extenance from PRN to TXT .

Open that Text file into Note pad and Copy all Data from that text file . That all are ZPL Language Command. 

Please send Copy data to the Printer on Serial Port via Visa from Labview.

After that the printer gets print command from labview and it will print the label as you requires.

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Yes I know

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