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Connecting sensors to NI modules 9237 and 9401

I want to connect the followings:


1. A pressure sensor Kistler make to NI module 9237. Sensor has 3 wires and a shield.

Sensor has three wires are Output (1 wire) and power (2 wires). Requires 12 volt supply.

I do not know how to connect to this module with 37 pine connector. 


2. A crank angle encoder to module NI 9401. The encoder has 9 wires.

The encoder has 3 channels, 2 wires each (total 6 wires). power (2 wires), ground (1 wire). 

The module has 25 pin connector.

LD Kala

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You need to give more information for the pressure sensor and the encoder.


We can make a lot of guesses at what you may have but having the actual part number or datasheet would help with understanding how to help you.


I would assume for the encoders you have power and AB and Z pulses. You need to set up your daq to read the a b and z channels on digital inputs.


For the pressure sensor we need to know what the output of the sensor is. Is it 0-20mA, 4-20 mA, +/-10 VDC etc... If you are using a sensor that has a mV/V signal then you will need an signal conditioner to get the devise output level in a range the module you have can read it.

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