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Re: LabVIEW Digest Challenge 3

I wasn't eligible to participate, but I would have submitted a variant attribute based solution. 😄 Here's what I did a few weeks ago.




See if you understand the algorithm ...


Disclaimer: To save me time and effort, the LUT is based on BrotherTom's code above, so I am not sure if it is complete and I don't know which standard should have been used. This is just a code skeleton to show the general principle. Would be easy to expand if needed.  🙂 It currently returns a question mark if a pattern is not found in the LUT.


(EDIT: This is similar to the NXG version)


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Re: LabVIEW Digest Challenge 3

You can also use regular expressions to locate and match morse syntax:


I think you can combine the regex with the variant attribute table constant to create a very small VI.

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Re: LabVIEW Digest Challenge 3

I'm afraid that I d'on't have time to increase my knowledge in LabView to trial a CLAD exam 😞
If Charlotte want to design a new winner, I will be happy for him!!!

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Re: LabVIEW Digest Challenge 3

This is my solution.
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