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labview serial port communication

I want to send this order 1B 00 00 02 4C 53 1D 0D (hex)to the lower machine by serial port,however ,i copy the order to string control ,the string control change the style(look at the picture),so the lower machine can not distinguish the order,who can help me ,thank you!

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Please ask programming support questions in the LabVIEW forum, not in the community groups.

When you ask a question in the forum, those who have time to answer will look at your question and reply.

When you ask a question in an NI community group EVERY MEMBER GETS SPAMMED with your question.

I'm sure most people don't realise this when they post thier questions here in an NI community.

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What's the difference between the forum and the community? Whay are there multiple places to post? Where are the rules? How can you tell the difference?

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Regarding to your problem, I suggest you some hints that should help.:

  • First, Specify the protocol you use for the serial client devices, ( Parity, Stop Bits, Baud Rate... and the Termination characted. (\n))
  • I suggest you to change string constant to "Code display" by Right click on String constant and Select Code Display. This is the best way to recognize the ending '\n' at the end of the string. In your case you should change it to Hex Display.
  • At last but not at least take care the Endianness. ( change the byte order if required.) For more info see link:
  • Close the Serial Port if you finished with it.

Hope it helps,

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Hi Michael,

You are right, it isn't clear where to post, there are no rules directing people where to post as far as I have seen. Maybe I have different settings to you, but I don't get an email every time someone posts a question to the LabVIEW forum. For the NI community groups I'm interested in, I do get an email every time someone posts to them. I see that as a big difference.

When an experienced LabVIEW developer has something to say on the topic of "LabVIEW development best practices" I'm happy to get an email notifying me of the discussion or question.

I think that people who post their programming support type questions here are doing it by accident because they don't know about the forums. If they knew the community groups had a different purpose to the forum they would post to the forum.

While we're on the topic. Allowing anyone who has just signed up to post unmoderated questions or comments to any community groups provides an easy avenue for spammers to send out their spam to every subscriber of the community group. We've seen it done a number of times already.

I would like to suggest to NI that newly signed up members to the NI community groups have their comments moderated for the first 10 posts or seven days or something. Then, if they've just posted to the wrong location, they can be redirected. If they are a spammer, the account can be deleted. It will solve the spamming problem.

The more these community groups keep getting filled with questions that belong in the forums, the less useful they become. Keep the information in the community groups relevant. I think many topics are already filled with useless documents and posts and are overdue for a clean up. The signal to noise ratio is already starting to undermine the usefulness of the community groups.


Troy - CLD "If a hammer is the only tool you have, everything starts to look like a nail." ~ Maslow/Kaplan - Law of the instrument
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