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front panel background image

Hi,i have faced one problem regarding front panel background image .when i choosed the BG image using frontpanel property node,i can feel my program execute slowly?,if i select "none image" its executes fastly.

i have doubt now,  is that image affect the speed of execution?

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have you tried setting the image this way: ?

does it make a difference in speed? You might want to post your code too so people have more information to hep you.

Also, check the User Interface Interest group:

Good luck,


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It doesn't have influence on the execution of the diagram code but a lot of influence on the update of the user interface, especially if you put anything on it that uses transparent colors or (gasp!!!) the 3D controls with alpha shading. Anytime such a control is updated and is invalidating any area that contains information from the bitmap this bitmap is redrawn and then consequently all the controls on top need to be redrawn also.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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