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data export to a single excell sheet



I am using labview to read intensity data from a camera. I have a constant X where Y is variable. SO i need only the Y data and it comes as one column.

Everytime when i export to a excel sheet i save as a new file.

What  I want.... to save all the data in a single XL sheet. If possible to do with a shortcut key would be great. In that case just press a key and data will be saved in a particlular file. If i press 10 times there will 10 different column in that file.

Anybody can give solution?

Thank you in advance



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You have asked a coding question but put it in a "blog post" in the developer community group.

The stated purpose of this community group is...

"This group is dedicated to large, complex software development in LabVIEW.  View resources on software engineering best practices and exchange ideas with the community"

Please ask coding questions in the NI Forum.

Moderators: Please delete this off topic "Blog Post".

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