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Using NI 9467 GPS module

Well, it's been 2 years since you asked. I am hopeful that you got this part working (aquiring data and timestamping at 1ms intervals)  Did you find any examples, etc. to help since you didn't get a response here?

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Hello JCC,

I know its been over a year, but if you happen to have a copy of this stored somewhere, I would greatly appreciate a copy to review

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Hi Guys, 


I am working on a project which uses NI 9467 GPS module and i am unfortunately new to this module. In the project, i also use SEL 2407 satellite synchronized clock in order to get time signals via an antenna. I send these signals over BNC cables to my NI 9467 GPS module. However, when i try to get these signals on LabVIEW using ''Synchronize to'' which locates under ''FPGA timekeeper'' file at '''', i always observe an ''overcurrent'' situation on my antenna status and my GPS status is ''unable to get fix''. Therefore i always see the status LED on my NI-9467 module as solid yellow. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance for your kindly replies.


Şamil Baycan Yalçın

Msc. Student/Mersin University     

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