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Update on typedef triggering re-compilation in LV2012

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AristosQueue wrote:

B) If you have a project that demonstrates particularly egregious typedef behavior, particularly if that behavior is still around in LV 2013, R&D would be interested in taking a look.

NI Applications Engineering Department now has a sample project which they've confirmed shows the "Type Definition modified" behavior, it is attached to CAR #451107.

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Thanks, kegghead.

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I'm also glad to report that with current 2014 beta, the use case I posted in the original post (add a field to a typedef'd cluster, or change fields order) doesn't trigger changing the VIs that use the typedef.

Deleting a field or changing name/representation stilll triggers VI change, which I can understand.

Great news for me! Thanks guys!

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So this explains that odd saving of unchanged code when going between computers.  For some reason I have been trying to get away from using strict typedefs lately -- now I know why.

One thing I do after changing a typedef, when I want them all to look the same, is make it a strict typedef, apply changes, and then go back to a regular typedef, apply changes, and save all.  Yes, it takes a few more steps, but (hopefully) eliminates the strict typedef problem.


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