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Unit Test Framework Toolkit Users: We want your feedback!

Two more problems:

  1. I have LV2010 and LV2012 installed on my machine, with 2010 & 2012 versions of the UTF. I have been working primarily in LV2012. I just created a new unit test in LV2012, but if I look in the *.lvtest file, it shows the version as "2010" (opening in Notepad++/Excel). Is that just a bug, or is it possible that my LV2012 is still somehow calling the 2010 version of the Unit Test Framework? If so, is there any way to tell/fix the problem? It may be a relatively moot point, but I'd like to ensure I'm running the latest version in case there are any bugfixes that make it more stable (since whatever version I'm running clearly isn't).
  2. I have a couple realtively simple VIs that I absolutely cannot create unit tests for. When I attempt to create the file, the "creating unit test" dialog shows a full progress bar indefinitely, but just hangs until I kill my labview.exe instance through task manager. I have tried many times. There is a "stop" button in that dialog that does nothing. My only guess is that the UTF is getting stuck because I have a relatively complex input to the VI under test--one of the inputs is a typedef cluster consisting of three typedef'ed sub-clusters. Total number of elements is ~20, mostly strings and DBLs.
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#1, The '2010" in *lvtest file is not LabVIEW or UTF version string. It is the version of lvtest file format. LV 2012 does not update lvtest file format. The version string keeps consistent with 2010.

#2, It might be caused by CAR #368000. Please upgrade LabVIEW 2012 to LabVIEW 2012 SP1 to see if you can create unit test for nested cluster.

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Penar, #2 is not an option yet for the mere mortals like us out there. Maybe you should wait making such suggestions until it is really available for download.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
LabVIEW ArchitectLabVIEW ChampionLabVIEW Instructor
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Historically we have SP1 release between late January and early March. Please keep an eye on NI Web news.

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StevenGarcia wrote:

a) The unit test properties have 4 categories - Configuration, Test Cases, Setup/Teardown and Advanced. The Comment and Requirement ID that resides in the Configuration category is for the entire unit test and not each test case. We need to have the ability to assign a Requirement ID to an individual test case and have an associated comment about the test case.

b) The progress bar that is displayed during the execution of a unit test does not update until the very end and think that this is actually a bug. The progress bar should be updated according to what test cast is executing related to how many test cases there are in total. A feature that would be nice is an indicator showing the test case number being executed.

c) There is currently no way to reorder the test cases. Lets say that we created 5 test cases within an unit test and there is a need for a new test case based on Test Case #2 but with simply some different values of the inputs. Test Case #2 is selected in the Test Properties window and we duplicate Test Case #2. It automatically will be assigned Test Case #6 now. We would like be able to reorder the test cases (similar to how you can edit the order of an enumeration) and put the new test case where it belongs.

In UTF 2013, the three features above have been implemented.

a) Each test case can have an associated comment. (Requirement ID still can only be assigned to the whole test file)

b) You can reorder test cases.

c) The progress bar when executing tests also is improved. Progress bar will be updated according to permutation number(when test vector is used in one test case)/test case/test file.

As UTF 2013 Beta has been posted, you can find installer here.

You can have a try with UTF 2013. Any comments and feedback are welcome, thanks!

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mc_vibraphone wrote:

It seems pretty solid for basic input/prcoessing/output testing. It'd be neat if there was a 'results vector' to go along with the input vector - that is, a table of expected results that would map one to one to the provided table of inputs.

UTF 2013 allows assigning test vector to the expected values and compares it with the vector of resulted outputs. The vector of resulted outputs is got by input vectors.

As UTF 2013 Beta has been posted, you can find installer here.

You can have a try with UTF 2013. Any comments and feedback are welcome, thanks!

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In UTF 2012, the ATML report (when viewed in Excel, see column BM) indicates that the UTF ver is 2010. This is even the case on a PC with ONLY LV 2012 installed where the MAX Software group ONLY shows UTF ver 2012. Is this a bug or is UTF 2012 only a recompiled UTF 2010? I don’t believe this to be the cases since there are bug fixes listed for UTF 2011, 2012 & 2013. This is critical for our medical device validation effort since we list the versions of third party tools we are using (LV 2012, UTF 2012, etc.) and the ATML report suggests we are using something different (UTF 2010) than the tool we have listed (UTF 2012)

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We fixed bugs as we listed in UTF2012. It is not a recompiled version of UTF 2010.  The design intension for the "version" number in ATML and lvtest file is to mark the version of the file type. There was no change of ATML and lvtest file formats in UTF 2012, so the version of file has been kept at 2010. (We need the file version number as we need to consider foward compatbility when we develop new version)  In 2013, the file formats has been changed,  accordingly the file format version has been changed to 2013.   As the file versions leads to confusion somehow, we've record this as a point that we might improve in the future.  Thanks HaiJun

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[ + ] automatic report generation

[ - ] long opening time

[ - ] long test running time

[ - ] I am not allowed to use [, ] and / inside control labels. (Edit: You can change these parameters if you right click on the lvproj in the project viewer, properties, Unit Test Framework, under Test Creation, Default array Brackets and Default name Seperator. I changed them to {} and | which in my opinion would better fit for default parameters.

[ - ] code coverage seems not working properly for me. Diagrams are indicated not covered, but I made sure they are covered by placing a one button dialog

[ - ] Not existing or badly visible undo button. If you set all of your expected values and then by error click on import from vi, you can only go back by source control.

[ - ] Can't rename a *.lvtest. Right click => rename has no influence

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Hi Eli,

hope this thread is still kind of alive.

Finally, I've made it to use the UTF more actively...

There are a lot of usability / speed issues already mentioned, but the IMHO most important improvement would be to have a better help system: the error messages popping up do not allow the user to identify the errors easily.

I really do like the tool, please make it a bit easier to use!

Programming languages don't create bad code, programmers create bad code....
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