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Transition from using code in a development library to packaged code

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone here has attempted to do this.  I have large projects that often share a considerable amount of reusable code.  I would like to transition away from pointing directly to these libraries in the development folders to a codebase that is packaged and released using VI Package Manager.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to successfully replace the code in a project stored in one place with that of code stored in another place?

Cheers, Matt

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vi.lib and user.lib are part of LabVIEW's search paths. If the files can't be found in the project (or any sub-folder) then these paths will be searched in and re-linked to.

If you create a VI package with the development content and install it then you could:

  • Close the project
  • Remove the original local development content on disk
  • Open the project. LabVIEW will re-link to the same content in the vi.lib / user.lib folder (depending on where you chose to install it).

I have done this several times when transitioning much the same as you.

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Ugh...this is what I thought.  And unfortunately, the development code is under version control, so changing the location on disk might not be so straightforward...sigh.  Thanks.

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