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Sliding Menu XControl

Elijah Kerry created the original sliding menu XControl as part of his UI framework, for more information go to the document "Object Oriented Design Patterns Technical Manual and Exercises"

The configuration file used in the UI framework specifies the number of buttons in the sliding menu XControl, however changing the value did not change the number of buttons. This feature was not implemented. Below there are two videos with a suggestion on how to implement this feature and the implemented code is attached (Sliding

How to add the "Number of Menu Buttons" and "Space Between Buttons" properties to the Sliding Menu XControl:

How to implement the newly created properties into the and how to test them:

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Good! thank you.

Active Participant Elijah_K
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Thanks for posting this Fabiola!

If you look through the original code, you'll notice that I've disabled some functionality that 'bounces' the slider back to the minimum or maximum if a user tries to scroll too far... it proved to be a pretty buggy feature that I never had time to finish, but it's a nice level of polish on a touch-screen that I would like to go back and add at some point in the future... especially now that I can use the async call VI in 2011 to make it easier.

Elijah Kerry
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Thanks for posting!

I'm trying to wrap my head around all of this stuff and videos like this are very helpful.

I notice that as I change the number of buttons showing, sometimes the font seems to change on some of the menu items.  Not quite "bold", but the text becomes visibly thicker. You can see this at the end of your second video as well. 

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Patrick Allen: