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(Request for Feedback) Interoperability with Industry Software for Managing Issues, Projects, and Code Reviews

I wanted to cross-link an Idea Exchange to this group, to gather your feedback.

I would appreciate any feedback or insight you may have on this topic.

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I have been using FogBugz for bug/task tracking linked to Subversion (I use TortoiseSVN). When a bug is fixed or a task is implemented, when I do the commit in SVN I get a field that has a FogBugz case input, I put the case(s) number(s) in there. I can see reports similar to the one that you put in the JIRA example at the FogBugz site.

I have used Requirements Gateway in small projects and that provides code coverage of a requirements document as well. Maybe the same aproach used by Requirements Gateway could be used to identify key words on the block diagrams, front panels, VI documentation (i.e. find text similar to FogBugz case: 123) to keep track of fixed bugs and/or implemented features with Industry Software other than Requirements Gateway.

Do you want me to post this answer at the Idea Exchange entry as well?

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