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Plan Your LargeApp Session Track for NI Week

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It's hard to believe, but NI Week 2009 is just five weeks away.  If you haven't already, register for the conference, buy your plane ticket, get your hotel room, and get excited for a hot August down here in Austin, Texas!  As always, you can expect to see exciting keynotes with demonstrations of our latest products and innovative customer applications that push the limits of technology.  We also can't help but give sneak peeks at future products that are still in work, so be sure to keep an eye out.

I expect that everyone here will be attending the 'What's New in LabVIEW' sesison, but I wanted to point out a few other presentations in this year's preliminary NI Week program that I believe will be of special interest to those of you working on large LabVIEW applications.  These sessions in particular aim to cover advanced topics or introduce new tools that may help you improve your practices or the quality of your code.  Since it is preliminary, all these sesisons are subject to change.

In exchange for pointing these out, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on which sessions you are the most interested in seeing.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Improving Development Practices and Software Engineering

New Software Engineering Tools for Large LabVIEW Applications - I'll be giving an overview of the software engineering process of LabVIEW, but focusing on how several new products, The Unit Test Framework, Desktop Execution Trace and Enhancements to VI Analyzer for analyzing code complexity, can be incoorporated into your development practices to improve the reliability and quality of your code.

Software Engineering with LabVIEW from Requirements to Deployment - VI Engineering will be presenting about their practices for moving a large application through the development life-cycle and the methologies by which they apply the well known V-model to development with graphical code.

Managing Large Applications with the Project Explorer and Source Code Control - I'll be demonstrating practices for managing an application properly with the Project Explorer, including the use of source code control using both Subversion and Perforce. I'll also show off some of the improvements you can take advantage of with the latest LabVIEW features and third party tools like the JKI TortoiseSVN Tool.

LabVIEW Code Reuse for Teams and Large Projects - JKI, the makers of VIPM, will be discussing practices for team-based development in LabVIEW.  Learn how to create a shared repository of reusable VIs and use analytics tools to report your organization’s software reuse metrics.

Advanced Technical Sessions

Tips and Tricks to Increase LabVIEW Performance Speed - Darren, from LabVIEW R&D, will be sharing some of his acclaimed 'nuggets' of information.

Best Practices for Memory Management and LabVIEW Code Optimization - This session will be presented by R&D on how some of the latest features can be used to boost your VIs performane and decrease the memory footprint.

Multicore Design Patterns in LabVIEW - We're finding new ways to push performance and take full advantage of multicore computers.

New Features in LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming - This session will be presented by members of LabVIEW R&D who worked on these features and are eager to share their latest imrpovements.  I wish I could tell you more now, but you'll just have to wait!

Deploying and Replicating Embedded Systems - Examine the technical challenges engineers face when deploying and replicating embedded systems, and explore best practices for overcoming these challenges.

There are a lot of other fun ones to keep your eye on.  You'll also find me presenting on Web services and the Upgrade Experience, so please stop by. Session times and locations are still unnanounced, but keep checking for the latest new and info!

Elijah Kerry
Chief Product Manager, Software Platform
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