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New Software Engineering Tools for LabVIEW

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There is perhaps no more appropriate place to announce the arrival of two new toolkits for large application development than here in the Large LabVIEW Application Community.  The Desktop Execution Trace and Unit Test Framework Toolkits have been introduced to automate common practices for software engineering and help developers improve code quality.

The Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit facilitates dynamic code analysis for low-level debugging of applications during runtime.   The Unit Test Framework is designed for automated unit testing and requirements-based validation of software.

Feedback from users in highly regulated industries was one of the primary motivations for creating these products.  As we continue to invest in LabVIEW for large applications, we are benefited by feedback on these products and the needs of our users.

So to those of you who have had a chance to use these and similar tools, please use this community as an opportunity to share and exchange your ideas.  We look forward to hearing form you.

Elijah Kerry
Chief Product Manager, Software Platform
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