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LabVIEW Under the Hood: The Evolution of the Compiler

This presentation provides a historical perspective on the evolution of the LabVIEW compiler and illustrates some of the most important optimizations that automatically take place when compiling and executing code.

Elijah Kerry
Chief Product Manager, Software Platform
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Member Luiz Maia

Hello ElijahK,

Just one thing I'd like to comment because it seems a bit weird, how come the parallel loop improvement from version 2009 to 2010 reaches 480%?

The good explanation is not that LV 2010 is really good, it means that the previous versions were really bad. How could we explain that?



Luiz Carlos Maia Junior
Active Participant LuI
Active Participant


very impresive presentation and already improved beyond what you gave in Munich last autumn!

Thx for your effort!

Active Participant Thoric Active Participant
Active Participant

Elijah, this is great material. Thank you for putting this together, it makes for a great user-group presentation.

The latest details within it appear to be for LabVIEW 2010 - are there any further compiler optimisations introduced since that we could all usefully read about? If so, any chance of updating this presentation to the latest revision?

Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)

Member Drew.Rankin

This is good stuff. Is there a video or audio to go along with it?

Active Participant TroyK
Active Participant

Excellent presentation. Some very valuable insights.

Now I'm off to inline some subVIs!

Troy - CLD "If a hammer is the only tool you have, everything starts to look like a nail." ~ Maslow/Kaplan - Law of the instrument