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LabVIEW UI Tips and Tricks - PartII


This session will explain best practices for designing professional user interfaces in LabVIEW.  Learn how to customize the front panel and create reusable UI components that comply with standard OS themes.  See examples of highly interactive data displays, configuration dialogs and ways to show a large amount of data while ensuring the usability of the application.

This session also shows the usefulness of XControls and how to create a simple one.

Download the presentation and demonstration files from the NI FTP site.

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Elijah Kerry
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Is it possible to have the examples used in the presentation attached to this post?

Member WG-

What MichaelAivaliotis said!

Active Participant vt92
Active Participant

Examples, please? 

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Active Participant Jiri_K
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The files on FTP has size 0 Kb.

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Matt Cate
NI Employee

Sorry about that. I reposted it.

Member FlavioPuhl

Excellent material. Thanks.

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Member jlg

The splash screen example runs very, very slowly on all of our machines. I am running a 4-core Core i5 with 3GB RAM. If I maximize the screen it fades in like you would expect. Any ideas?

HK Jee
NI Employee