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LabVIEW 3D Programming using Object Oriented Design



Please enjoy the attached example progarm.


I wanted to create an example program which would showcase object oriented design capabilities within LabVIEW while at the same time showcasing advanced architectures including the state machine and the producer consumer loop. Of course this code is provided without warranty (express nor implied) a.k.a. "use at own risk".

An example of the program in action:

Design Patterns Used:

Object Oriented Programming

State Machines

Producer Consumer Loops

There are tester programs scattered throughout the project.

How to run:

  1. Download and unzip the attached.
  2. Open the file "3D Object Sandbox.lvproj"
  3. Open "/Project Files/3D Space Explorer/Event Handler State Machine/".
  4. Run. The texture references should be stored relative to the project directory.

Using the mouse, click on the 3D picture control to move the space ship about. You can zoom in our out using the slider. You can create a new universe by clicking the create world button. You can also quit the program by pressing quit.

Questions / Comments?

Please feel free to email me:

Screen Capture

3D Space Explorer.JPG



Evan Robinson

Field Engineer | Western PA and WV | National Instruments


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