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How to call SQL Server Reporting Services from Labview code


I'm new to labview.  I'm assisting on a project where data acquired via labview will be stored in SQL Server.  I can handle the database and report writing portion through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) but what is the best practice for calling the SSRS from Labview code?



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I hoped someone else was jumpin in, but as no-one did, here's my comment:

I am not familiar with SSRS etc; I do use a tool Anthony Lukindo of Advanced Measurements Inc. released on March 2, 2005 in LTR. 

What he basically did was setting up an Active-X-App that uses ADODB-functionality to connect to a datasource, process SQL commands and return the results to LabVIEW. For me this was simpler and better as NIs database connectio toolkit.

I do write test properties and results to a mySQL DB and retrieve data from there. Works reliably for several years now in several variants of a test sequencer.

Try to find Anthony and contact him for a copy of that tool.

Greetings from Germany!



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Are you asking how to integrate SSRS into LabVIEW, or how to load LabVIEW data into predefined tables in SQL Server for reporting?

The LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit can be used to load data into your database. You may already have the toolkit, depending on the level of LabVIEW you purchased. As Lul mentioned, there are other libraries/toolkits (some free) for interfacing LabVIEW to a database.

I'm looking at a project where I may need to create a dashboard and reporting via SharePoint, but in my case I can't imagine why I would need to integrate SharePoint or SSRS inside of LabVIEW...

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Hi Lul,

I'm curious why you said the tool Anthony Lukindo of Advanced Measurements Inc. released is better and simpler than LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit, better in ease of use, performance or price, or anything else? Could you please share some detail ideas? Thank you!

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well, it is quite long ago that I switched to Antonios tool. It is kind of a state machine providing just a single vi for all the actions and keeping sessions etc. inside. So you just drop that vi whereever you need a DB action and proviide the apropriate parameters. It just works there. The LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit (LV DBCT) was harder to use and forced me to maintain the session etc.

I use this in a test sequencer that is driven by a dynamic joblist and must maintain lots of data. Everything that is kept by tools makes my code easier and more clear.

And not to forget, it's free, allthough my license includes LV DBCT as well.

Greetings from Germany!



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You can easily show a report from ssrs in an embedded .net Webbrower Control.

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