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How do I find programmatically the data folder path (System development or run-time system)

This VI allows you to return the path of the data folder. There are 2 use-cases
Case 1 - LabVIEW Development System.
If the data folder does not exist it creates it and returns its path.
However if the folder exists it returns data only his way.

Case 2 - Run Time System (Installer, Executable)
If the data folder exist is referring its way.
If the data folder does not exist it returns an error message and leaves the system.


Ce VI permet de renvoyer le chemin du dossier data. On a 2 cas

1 Cas--    Système de développement LabVIEW.

Si le dossier data n'existe pas il le crée et renvoi son chemin.

Cependant il si le dossier data existait il renvoi uniquement son chemin.

2 Cas--  Run Time System (Installeur, Exécutable)

Si le dossier data existe il renvoi son chemin.

Si le dossier data n'existe pas il renvoi un message d'erreur et quitte le système.


Caveats and Additional Notes

Identify caveats and additional notes here...Image1.PNG


La théorie, c'est quand on sait tout et que rien ne fonctionne.
La pratique, c'est quand tout fonctionne et que personne ne sait pourquoi .
Active Participant TroyK
Active Participant

Asides from the 'create folder if not existing' part of the vi, how is it's result different from these two LabVIEW primatives:

File I/O > File Constants > Temporary Directory

File I/O > File Constants > Default Data Directory

I don't have different environments to test it on.

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