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Has Anyone Tried Creating a LabVIEW Wrapper for Teraterm Pro Macro?



I have been using Teraterm Pro serial terminal for oh-so-long and I have come dependent on its good macro language. I have also started using its Macro module from within my VI projects with good reliable results.

Although you can call Teraterm Macro from the System Exec.VI node and pass arguments to your TTL scripts, this interaction is one-way and not what I prefer. I would like to call the Teraterm Macro DLL itself from the C/C++ function call node from within my VI. This way I can natively plug the front panel controls and indicators to pass/receive messages to/from Teraterm Macro. This is akin to using the wrapper for SQLite.

The problem is I am not a C++ expert and I don't use Visual Studio and therefore I am not capable of creating a static DLL library - if that is even possible. I have talked with the current Teraterm Pro developers and they told me that anyone can try to integrate Teraterm for LabVIEW. A static DLL with good documentation is all I need and I can do the rest in LabVIEW. Anyone interested???

If you are a Visual Studio C/C++ expert and would like to create a LabVIEW wrapper, please head to Teraterm homepage and obtain the source. I would be willing to spend time to create the wrapper VIs.



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I don't want to discourage you but what you propose is not trivial. I had a quick look at the Teraterm project and Teraterm consists of several executables with some support DLLs. Those support DLLs do little in terms of Teraterm functionality, and the main part of the Teraterm operation lay in the ttermpro.exe and ttpmacro.exe.

You can't just recompile the sources for the ttpmacro.exe program as DLL. There is a lot more work needed by isolating the actual functionality of the ttpmacro.exe from the GUI handling and defining a comprehensive API interface that can be exportet and accessed from other applications. This is a major development process that easily could take weeks or months depending on the source code structure.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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As far as I know, Teraterm is really just a serial port terminal. Since you can develop in Labview, why not just do whatever you want in Labview, instead of calling Teraterm? You may want to reuse the macros that you have created, but you can still do that if you can translate those macro files into scripts executed by Labview. Just a penny of my thoughts.

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Thank you. Yes, I am using Hyperterminal ( by Prabhakant Patil and that is wonderful piece in itself. My Teraterm use is its macro language for interfacing with my hw via Telnet or SSH loading firmware, sw state and such. Ordinary serial terminals can't do Telnet or SSH duties.

Since Teraterm already has a capable enough macro language that you can script with LabVIEW, it would be great if somehow there was a wrapper around its DLLs and make it more of a LV plugin much in the way SQLite C wrapper works.

I am not a Windows C++ developer so I can't even try to open Teraterm source in Visual Studio to make this happen [sigh] . Many thanks to the person who can pull this off.

Like I mentioned, Teraterm developers in Japan already gave me the go ahead to do this. I just don't have the time to learn Visual Studio and Windows API just to make this happen.

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Je serai absent(e) à partir du 20/12/2014 de retour le 05/01/2015.

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