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Hands-On: LabVIEW Templates and Sample Projects


As a LabVIEW developer, it is important that you maximize your productivity and get up and running with a working application as quickly as possible. The new LabVIEW Sample Projects allow users to create a new LabVIEW project from existing out-of-the-box running applications that perform common functions such as finite and continuous measurement, data logging and real-time control. The LabVIEW Sample Projects leverage common design patterns that maximize code readability and longevity and are a great starting point for building custom LabVIEW applications.


Finite Measurement Exercises

  • How to Simulate Hardware
  • How to Create LabVIEW Sample Projects

  • Exploring the Finite Measurement (NI-DAQmx) Sample Project
  • How to Change the Finite Measurement Type
  • How to Implement Channel Expansion for a Single Device
  • How to Add a Second Channel of a Different Configuration from a New Device
  • How to Add Filtering Analysis
  • How to Add Peak Detection Analysis
  • How to Add Post-Processing with DIAdem

Continuous Measurement Exercises

  • Exploring the Continuous Measurement (NI-DAQmx) Sample Project
  • How to Change the Continuous Measurement Type

General Exercises

  • How to Build and Executable
  • How to Create an Installer


Inside LabVIEW Core Templates and Sample Projects.pdf


Adri Kruger
National Instruments
LabVIEW Product Marketing