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Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit points to an Unbundle by name for a reference leak

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I figured there would be more people using Execution Trace Toolkit in this group than in the general LabVIEW community forum.

I have been using Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit 2009 to debug an application. We have been able to locate most of the reference leaks and fixed them. However, there is a reference leak that when I double click on the Execution Trace Toolkit line points to an Unbundle by name23970iA991FBEECF6EF94D.

The other times I got a reference leak, it would point to a place where a reference would actually get created such as Obtain Queue, Obtain Semaphore, etc.

Any idea why it is pointing to an Unbundle by name function?, also the event details are "VI: 0xD8300076", but I can not find that reference anywhere else in the trace report.



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