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Data Communication in LabVIEW Technical Seminar


This session will provide an overview of some of the most effective techniques for sending and receiving data and commands within a LabVIEW application.  See how to stop multiple loops, send messages to an undefined number of plug-ins, setup two-way communication, how to communicate in a distributed embedded system, and address other common challenges.

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Elijah Kerry
Chief Product Manager, Software Platform
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Active Participant viScience
Active Participant
No mention of the fact that NSV's give you PSP functionality which provides powerful features such as NSV<->NSV binding, NSV<->GUI binding and NSV events. Also, the DSC is heavily invested in the use of NSV's for such things as citadel data logging. If NI wants so badly for us to give up the nasty NSV habit then stop making it so tempting to use. Or better yet - give us a PSP interface that fixes some of the problems with NSV's such as buffering, scoping, poor local transaction efficiency, etc Also give us another way to easily log data to citadel.