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Automated User Interface Testing Tool for LabVIEW Front Panels

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UPDATE (8/22/12): This product is no longer available for purchase.

LabVIEW makes it easy to design and build graphical user interfaces (GUIs), but it's important that we be able to test these interfaces in a repeatable and automated fashion throughout the development life-cycle.  Even simple applications with only a few buttons or menus can take a considerable amount of time to test and validate if they require simulating the interaction of a user.

One of our partners, NTE Systems, has created a LabVIEW plug-in for the popular user-interface testing tool, Ranorex.  By leveraging a popular and well-established framework for recording and testing UI interactions, they have made it possible to automate the testing of your LabVIEW GUIs.

The Ranorex tool-chain includes a recording utility that lets you capture mouse clicks and key-presses, select the items you want to validate (ie: does the indicator show the right value?, does the graph have the correct properties?), and easily play back the recording.  Thanks to the work from NTE, the tool can intelligently track objects if they get changed or moved during development, which saves you the trouble of continuously re-creating existing tests.  Amongst other features, Ranorex also provides the ability to speed playback up to 9x times the actual speed and generate extensive reports and documentation.  The sequence and order of steps can also be customized and automated.  For more information on the capabilities of the tool, visit

Interested in using the tool with LabVIEW?

Currently, the plug-in is in BETA, but you can sign up to download and evaluate the pre-released version of the tool for free.  If you're interested, please email NTE directly at

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Elijah Kerry
Chief Product Manager, Software Platform
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I did not find LabVIEW plug-in in either NTE or Ranorex. Did it still alive?


Taiqi - it is not sold anymore by NTE/Ranorex.  I was looking for a replacement testing tool, but have yet to find anything that integrates cleanly with LabVIEW.  Let me know if you find anything.



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Hey Eli-

I've found a lot of your post on subversion and bug tracking in LabVIEW very helpful recently.  I'm now looking for a tool/framework to create/track/maintiain test records (generated from bugs or svn checkins), automated tests, and schedule test, etc.  While I don't neccessarily need the record UI interaction, this tool looked helpful. I see it's not available anymore.  Some google searching and I've come up with nothing.  Any update on similar products? Blog post on this topic I've missed? Any COTS programs available that track test records and automate tests (with LabVIEW, of course).  Thanks for any info you can provide.



Not sure if it is what you are looking for but have you looked at the LabVIEW UI automation tool?

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That isn't exactly what I was looking for, but do I think that could be part of the total solution. Thanks dpnsw.


There is a great tool that maybe you are not familiar with - Screenster. It is a test automation tool and 10 times more productive than any other tool, working on the cloud and codeless.