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Announcing the LabVIEW Coding Challenge

Active Participant

Are you up to a LabVIEW code challenge? Think you canslam dunk with original LabVIEW code? Join us in the LabVIEW Code Madness: Example Program Challenge, and share the great example code that you are developing in LabVIEW.

Qualifying Round: February 14-March 6

The qualifying round is open to all NI Community Users. The selection of the top 16 to move on to the tournament will be based on total downloads, "likes", and a weighted sum of the ratings for the submissions. Comments and views will be the tie-breakers. You may submit more than one code, but keep in mind that each submission is judged separately. Additionally, tournament pool seeding is based on performance in the qualifying round. The earlier you submit code, the longer you have to generate a top performer.

Tournament: March 8-April 4

Each round in the tournament will present a new code challenge for competitors to undertake as they match up head-to-head. Polls will open for one day at the end of each round, and members of the NI Community will vote to determine which code from each head-to-head match will advance to the next round. The tournament will begin with the Sweet 16-bit (top 16 teams), progressing to the Elite 8-bit, Final 4-bit, and finally the Championship. 

To learn more about the Code Madness Program Challenge, visit Begin submitting code today!

Elijah Kerry
Chief Product Manager, Software Platform
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