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Freelance LabVIEW Programmer

Hi everyone!

I'm here to offer my services to anyone who is in search of a freelance programmer.  I'm 35 and currently working in private compnay as LabVIEW Developer for 7 years.  I've been programming pretty intensively for almost 7 years now in my current job (part-time for now!).  I have a few projects under my belt, many of which are fairly extensive.  I have very good knowledge of VISA Serial, DAQmx, CDAQ and LabVIEW, etc. etc.

I'm simply offering my help because I enjoy programming in LabVIEW and would like to make a few extra bucks in my spare time working from home.

Hourly rate is very negociable.

Anyone looking for more information can contact me at:

Thanks for the interest!

Yohan Belval

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