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Doctor of technical science, PhD, Certified LabVIEW developer seeking contract work, can relocate anywhere.


To whom it may concern.


I'm a Ukrainian scientist with a computer engineering specialization and LabVIEW programmer since 2006. Also I am doctor of technical science (Russia).

My PhD degree provides ability to analyzing and problem solving skills. I am Certified LabVIEW Developer and have also many experience and you can read more about my achievements, my practical experience and common technical interests in my homepage.

For many years I worked at the Donetsk national technical university as an engineer, laboratory technician, and then as a senior lecturer. I wish to immigrate to another country because now situation in my region is not safety. I can relocate in any another country, although I live in Norway now. I send my CV for your evaluation. Critiques, suggestions and tips about the CV and career advices are also appreciated.


Best regards,

Anton Kharitonov

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