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Certifed LabVIEW Developer available at just 20 US$/Hour




"Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) open to work full time remotely at just 20 US$ /hour "


Cell :- +91-8511067358



I am Certified LabVIEW Developer with 4 years of experience in design and development of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems using National Instruments (NI) Hardware & Software.


Here I have listed some of my skills.


1) Proficient in ATE system development including requirements analyze, defining LabVIEW application architecture design, software/hardware development, test and implementation.


2) Experience in developing industrial automation applications using NI c-RIO and NI c-DAQ, NI PXI hardware systems.


3) Proficient in Automation programming , NI-LabVIEW, NI Real-Time module, NI FPGA module, NI-Vision Development &  Database connectivity with SQL,mySQL,Access.


4) Sound knowledge of Signal conditioners and sensors like Accelerometer, pressure, Torque, Load cell etc.

Resume available on Request..!


Thank you
Hardik Gujarati


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