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Would you miss VI Revision History?

Re: Would you miss VI Revision History?

I do use the history occasionaly and am starting to use some versioning control but have always wondered why all vi, typdefs or other objects didnt have a built in version property (Major Minor and Revision xxx.yyy.zzz).  If this was part of the GObject then you could essentailly have more than one version of a vi and have code be able to check for compatability and up to dat functions.



Paul Falkenstein
Coleman Technologies Inc.
CLA, CPI, AIA-Vision
Labview 4.0- 2013, RT, Vision, FPGA
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Re: Would you miss VI Revision History?

I don't use it because most projects I deal with is code debugging (existing code written by someone else) or written for a cuistomer that doesn't have / use source control.

The main reason I no longer bother with it is that I cannot "control" when it updates the revision number.  Everytime you save, up goes the revision number.  So the number is not meaningful..

EDIT:  And I agree with Paul. 

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Re: Would you miss VI Revision History?

I use revision History for production related (big&important) programs.

For little testing I don't


I think it should be better that the popup option was vi-base, instead of LV-installation-based.


I use 1 program on several PC's, and run several programs on my laptop.

Don't want the popup for experiments, and always&everywhere want the popup for big programs.







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