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Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs

Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs

Hi Steven,


Have only seen this thread now, hence the late reply.


Our use of LabVIEW at the moment spans across two domains:


The first use is production grade applications; it is used for vision systems and general supervisory control, QC and testing applications in our production facility.


However, we find LabVIEW as the best programming environment for our prototyping needs in our Engineering department, and this is our second application area for LabVIEW. Every time we need to test a PCB board or instrument, write a piece of quick code and validate some concept, LabVIEW is our choice. Why? Because it allows us to interact with hardware with great ease. So yes, we use In port and Out port for quick and dirty code, and yes, we would like them there and instead of having to look for some alternative way to do that, because it will take time, and time is what we save by using LabVIEW.




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Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs


We developed a IIC communication program several years back using LabVIEW, a parallel port, and our own hardware design.  With it we read/write directly from/to individual parallel port registers.  I also use the parallel port to control a simple relay board for a remote trigger application.

I can remember getting very frustrated when migrating from Windows 98 to Windows NT/2000, and even more frustrated when switching from 6i to 7.0 Smiley Happy
The current implementation of InPort/OutPort work fine for us, but we've always been VERY careful when changing operating systems and versions of LabVIEW because of changes in the past.  I'd recommend in the future to keep the current implementation as legacy subVIs, to keep us from pulling our hair out!

With that said, however - we'd love to have a VISA control for individual registers in the parallel port! 
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Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs

Yes I currently use the in several applications.
1] I acces the LPT port to poll wheather a  switch has been touched.. the LPT port, is a very convinient IO device, usually present on all PC and most of our laptops.
2] I use the out to switch on and of a light, using a relay... very easy to to with th, highly appriciated.
I think I could to those things with .dll freely downloadable from the net, but the outp,vi gives me high speed and is very convinient, highly appriciated!
Actually , I have tried it, but not succeded in using the to controll the individual lines of the Serial port... it should be possible to controll some of the directly but somehow it doesn't work with the Anyone got some info on this?
best regards,
Thijs Schrama
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Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs

Hoi Thijs,
With VISA properties you can read and write the serialport handshake lines.
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回复: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs

LTP is quite important for us. We use IN and OUT to Control LTP. Because LTP is the easiest and cheapest  way in I/O control.

Especially in China, we all think I/O board is quiet expensive, in easy app, we used to take LTP.
If there are no IN and OUT VI ,we have to use MCU to make an I/O control by ourself, really a lot of time to spend.
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Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs

Steven, I know this is an old thread, and new information might be available by now if I keep looking, but I thought I'd add to the conversation here in 2012. I'm currently looking for a solution to this parallel port problem. We recently bought a stepper motor controller that uses a parallel cable, and labview VIs were supplied by the manufacturer. It's all very nice, but OutPort.VI returns a -4850 error code, and the problem seems to be the 64 bit OS. We need this device to run our stepper motor, but theres no other way to connect it, sich as with a parallel to USB adapter. Right this moment, I'm attempting to tnstall labview on a virtual machine using Windows XP mode. I have my doubts as to whether this will solve the problem, and if it doesn't, the next thing I'm planning on trying is a full install of Win7 32 bit or Vista 32 bit, whatever I can get my hands on. If anybody has any advice at this time, I'd definitely be happy to hear from you.

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Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs



I would also like to find out what the current possition on this issue is.  I use In Port and OutPort VI a lot in automated testing of our product; typicall talking SPI type protocals out of the LPT port .


This works OK in Windows 7 32-bit BUT will NOT work in Windows 7 64-bit, I have played with a number of USB to parallel options but have not manage to get any to work in the same way.


For  corelogger, I would expect your code to work fine on a Windows 7 32-bit machine. I had the same error as you with Windows 7 64bit, my same code works fine in Windows XP and Windows 7 32.  I did find quite a of info on the web talking about the extra built in sercurity on the 64 bit version that will stop the write into memory.


One funny story....


I did find if you use Out Port  with the wrong address it is possible to overwrite the PC Bios. I did this and the first time did not realise what is was I had done.  The PC crashed and would not boot up, give a beep message that the Power Supply was overvoltage, I assume the PC was dead, until I did the exact same thing on another PC. Smiley Frustrated


I found if I removed the PC battary and the Bios was reset, both my broken PC then booted OK.







Danny Thomson
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Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs


So my problem on NI Labview. I like to do a project communication between Java and Labview real time through I / O port or parallel or series. But then, when running my project on a windows 7 64-bit, Labview can not find the port or Out In Port (platform \ portaccess.llb \ Out
So now, is there something that should be added or installed to run my program on a 64-bit system?!
If yes, please give me the link.


PS: I just started on Labview.

Thank you.

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Re: Use of LabVIEW's In Port and Out Port VIs

Read the messages above yours.


In port and out port does not exist for 64-bit windows.

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