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LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows


Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows

Well here's what I was thinking. I even made some pictures.

Then no matter what option you choose, you can use ctrl+tab inside of LV. It would be really nice if ctrl+tab brought up an alt+tab style chooser that showed the icons for each VI that was open. Like so:

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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows

Daklu wrote:
"I was reading back to try to see what Marc was replying to, and I didn't realize how old the thread was."
Nonetheless, I am still subscribed to the thread and appreciate the response to my question.  Disappointed, but appreciative.  Smiley Happy

Different people different expectations. I prefer the LabVIEW way way above any MDI interface I have seen so far. Even Visual Studio while actually allowing to have sort of an MDI style also allows to detacht just about every tool window from it to make the actual workspace large enough to see meaningful information about your source code.
Also I've worked with Word 4.0 or so which had a MDI and I prefer the modern SDI by far over that.
MDI is a bad idea in my experience but maybe that is also because I used to work with Macintosh computers quite a lot and there that concept used to be an alien concept back in those days, and I'm sure that was not for no reason.
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Rolf Kalbermatter
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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows

I would like to join Marc on his idea of iconing the LV windows.

for example this morning i have 20 open LV windows, (10 vis). winxp groups them together, so to pass trough them is much easier with the alt-tab. yet, there no information at all in the usual LV icon. not even if it is a front panel or block diagram. the alt-tab becomes useless, and the constant switch between subvis very frustrating!

i want the icons in the tabs!


... And here's where I keep assorted lengths of wires...
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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows


I am still wondering if someone use the taskbar the way I do (see reply 5) and would like to know what they think of this method.

I am using this for many years now (and getting all kind of remarks of people who want to do something on my PC  Smiley Tongue )  and I am still very content with it.

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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows


I leave the taskbar on the bottom of the screen.  Without the ability to zoom out I need as much screen real estate as I can get, especially horizontal space.  With the taskbar on the right side of the screen I find there's too much unused space.  I know I can auto-hide the taskbar but for some reason that just annoys me.

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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows

I have a wide screen display. And with such a screen the best position is on the left or right side.
greetings from the Netherlands
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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows

K C wrote:

I (almost) never use the full screen mode and the Windows taskbar is on the right of my screen. Setting ‘always on top’ and ‘auto hide’ on.

So when I go to the right of my screen the taskbar appears with all open programs and VI’s with enough information to go to the program or VI want.

That’s how I navigate through the open VI’s without going through a list with VI’s when you use a alt-tab method.


It is getting use to having the taskbar on the right side of your screen but after years of working like this I find it very useful for switching between programs and VI’s

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I've just come across this post, after also being very annoyed at having vast numbers of windows open and not being able to navigate through them. This tip has made my life a lot easier, thanks!

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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows



I am glad that some else uses this. Makes me feel less strange  Smiley Tongue

When some one tries to use my PC 'they' always say that I have an odd computer.

I always answer that's were the P in PC stands for Smiley Wink

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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows

I like Marc A's solution. Give users the option of "Irritating default behaviour" or "Behave the same way as all other Windows applications."

Alt-Tab should only toggle between open applications - NOT their instances. Ctrl-Tab should toggle between application instances and not between applications.

It would be neat, though, if Ctrl-Tab brought up a list similar to the Alt-Tab one, but displaying the programmer's own VI icons.

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Re: LabVIEW's use of ALT+TAB in Windows

It'll be OKay so long as NI adopt the Vista sandard for Windows and sub-windows rather than making up their own.
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