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What is the recommended firmware image, FPGA, for USRP2932?


I'm trying to connect four USRP2932s to a single PC through the unmanaged Giga Ethernet switch,

We recently updated firmware and FPGA, and since then, PCs have only recognized one.

now using Firmware Images : ni292x_fw.bin
now using FPGA Images : ni292x_fpga.bin


Additional problems were that the existing USRP2932 LED status was not abnormal,

but after updating the firmware and FPGA, the LED status changed as follows.

Gb Ethernet Port : Blinking right orange LED
Front LED E : blinking gree


If you know the solution, please leave a message and thank you.
I’ve written a lot of articles, including the forum, for two weeks, but no one is interested.................. :<

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