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VI protection in Labview communications software

How can I protect VI in (Labview communications) software?

Note, the file menu does not have an option for VI properties. Also, there is no response when pressing ctrl+i keys on the keyboard.

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If you are in NXG 2.1 or later, you should be able to password protect libraries. In Comms software 2.0 there isn't a good way to do that. Updating to the newer versions (LabVIEW NXG 2.1 is the next version for you) should be relatively straightforward though. The main difference is that your MathScript nodes won't port, since we moved to a full integration with MATLAB.

Rahul B.
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Thank you for your reply. I use Labview communications 2. Can you tell me the other features that I may not found in my version, please.


For example, I can not find (merge signals) node in my version to plot multiple signals in one graph. Is it replaced with another equivalent one or it is missed at all in my version?


Thank you in advance.

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