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Transmitting text file contents thorough 802.11 Application framework

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Hi all,


How can I transmit a text file contents from USRP 1 to USRP 2 using 802.11 application framework in LabView communication?


I have seen a video in the youtube which streams a video from USRP 1 to USRP 2. The data (video) from host is transferred to USRP through UDP protocol. 


Thank you.

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There are numerous methods to transfer data between USRP devices. It just depends on what makes most sense for your situation. At a high level, what are you attempting to accomplish? What have you tried thus far?

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Thank you for your reply.


I have 802.11 application framework on two desktop computers. Each host is connected to a  NI USRP-2943 via MXIe x4 cable through PCIe.  


I have tested PN data source send and receive between the two hosts and it works. 


Now, using 802.11 application framework I want two send a text messages (let's assume that the text message has been saved in *.text file) from one host to the other host. I know that I need to set up the source data to UDP then transfer the data through UDP to the USRP in the transmitter and vice versa in the receiver. 


My question is that how can do that? How can send the text data? Is there any other application that I have to use? 


Thank you.



Thank you. 

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Accepted by topic author Amir2
10-06-2017 06:00 AM

Hi Amir,


You certainly could send data via UDP to and from the USRPs. The Getting Started guide ( has an advanced example on doing this with video data streamed from a separate application, VLC. However, if you just wanted to set up and send text data via UDP, that could certainly be implemented in LabVIEW rather than with an actual external application. You'd just need to parse through a text file and send the data via the same UDP channel described in the getting started guide. Look at the Video Transmission section for more details.





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