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Some questions about 802.11 Application Framework


I'm using two USRP-2942R and LabVIEW Communications with 802.11 application framework.
I have some questions about the framework.


1. I want to replace FEC method, convolutional coding to LDPC.
As far as I know, all bit processing in the 802.11 Application Framework is handled by the FPGA in USRP.
When I replace the channel encoding, do I have trouble importing Matlab code or using functions in LabVIEW Communications?
Should I use an FPGA if that matters? If so, is an example or code provided?


2. In 802.11ac standard, it is known that the maximum transmission rate in the single stream exceeds 100 Mbits/s.
However, if I look at the output value of RX Throughput, it is much lower than this.
I think this is due to the MAC part. Is there any way to increase the output RX throughput by more than 100 Mbits/s by modifying MAC related parameters?
I've changed a few PHY parameters(MCS, bandwidth, etc.) but never exceeded 100Mbits/s.


3. In framework GUI, There is a part to see TX Packet Error Rate, but there is no part to see RX Packet Error Rate or Bit Error Rate. Should I add this part myself? How can I add it?


Thank you.

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I have the same questions with yours. I am implementing NOMA on 802.11 suite.

May I ask if you solve the first problem? How did you replace convolutional code with LDPC? Thank you so much.





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