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MIMO Application Framework Modification in Setup and Programming

Hello Every One , Hope every thing is going very well with all of you i am posting this topic to ask about applying any modification in MMO Application Frame work Software as i am working in a project and to reduce the cost and time i am working in deploying 8X8 MIMO System using NI USRPs 2944 RIO and CPS 8910 and Octolock , the hardware design inside the frame work itself depends on PXIe 8135 to work as a host processor what i am going to do is to change this host processor to be a regular PC so my question is from where should i start ? and what is the needed modifications in the program and the VIs itself finally appreciate your kindly support and any feedback from your side defiantly will be useful fr me ....

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This should work.


Applications are setup as components in LabVIEW NXG and LabVIEW Communications. Once you have the components setup, you can drag them from the Project Files into the target in the System Designer (in Design Mode, Live won't do).


If you want to remove a component from a target, you can right-click on it in the System Designer workspace and select Remove.


I am unsure if the Application Framework project uses specific resources from the PXIe-8135; I'm familiar with the environment, but not really with the Application Framework. If not, you should be able to just remove the components from the controller, add the PC as a target (if you use the Application Framework template, it won't be there by default) and then add to the PC the components you removed from the controller.


If you components need controller specific resources you may get errors. Can you try this out and let us know if it works for you?


If you encounter any issues I can try to help you figure them out.


The links below may be useful at some point.



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