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Implementing a 2x2 MIMO using USRP 2901


Hello, I have two NI USRP-2901.

I want to implement simple 2x2 MIMO.

And, I found these phrases on the website : 2 USRP-2901 software defined transceivers (2X2 MIMO, 70 MHz to 6 GHz)

But I can not find any related data or documents or example code.


I have already looked at the white paper using USRP-292x. (


I really need to know that it's impossible with 2901?

If possible, how can I implement 2x2 MIMO with 2901?

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I tried this example by using USRP-2901 at LabVIEW Communication Design Suite but it doesn't work. When u examine this document, it will help u.


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