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Crop Signal block


Crop Signal block

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a design an OFDM Tx, Rx system by using OFDM Streaming given by this forum but while I was looking for a "crop signal" block I didn't understand some parts of the block.Anyone who konws the idea such as paper, or any other material behind this block or anyone interested this block before I want to ask a specific question about this block.

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Re: Crop Signal block

Where does the Crop Signal show up? Can you link to the OFDM Streaming code you are referring to?

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Re: Crop Signal block

The site of referencing code that is in the Labview Communication Design Suite Rx part

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Re: Crop Signal block



It looks like that is a subVI that was created for this project, so there isn't any documentation other then what the creator put in. Judging from the non-LabVIEW Comms version of the code it looks like it may be related to removing the cyclic prefix but I'm not certain. You may have to follow the logic to figure out what it does.


Sorry I couldn't be more help.




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