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2x2 MIMO by using 2 USRP2922

Hi Everyone,


I have 2 USRP-2922. I want to make 2x2 MIMO system design but when I look some works done in MIMO for instance 8x8, 4x4,6x6 it seemingly not possible.Is it true or false? 


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Hi mcan,


I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but if it's can you do 2x2 MIMO with 2922's, then absolutely yes. Here's a white paper that's specifically geared at 2x2 MIMO:


Sounds like you might have already seen this one, but this paper also goes into the theory: It's specific example is an 8x8 system but the principles would all apply to 2x2 as well.





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I want to make 2x2 MIMO by using 2 USRP-2922.I think it is not possible because 8x8 MIMO system design paper use 16 USRP-2920 kit. Indeed when I tried to first example in the white paper, front panel of the Tx and Rx part need 2 usrp separetely.

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Hi mcan06 


No it's not possible to do 2x2 MIMO with 2 2922's. USRP 2922 has one Tx/Rx and one Rx. If you had a different USRP, such as USRP RIO, you can reduce the number of the hardware used. But USRP RIO is much more powerful, hence more $ than 2922. 


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Actually I have two USRP 2922. When I connect two USRP by using MIMO expansion cable, I have 2 Tx and 2 Rx


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the picture of what I have and also have 1 MIMO expansion cable

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You are right. That should work. The diagrams are a bit misleading on the white papers.




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I think this document said that is possible to make 2x2 by using 2 USRP-2922, but actually I haven't implemented yet.

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